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Experimental P-Surge 2.0: Probabilistic Hurricane Storm Surge (with tide)


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P-Surge Educational Resources

The following are links to presentations given by members of the Storm Surge unit within MDL, along with some publications. Most were given to educate various groups about the capabilities and uses of the Probabilistic Storm Surge model and products.

powerpoint, Nov 2005 NOAA Conf NOAA Conference, November 30, 2005
powerpoint, Apr 2006 Natl Hurr Conf National Hurricane Conference, April 13, 2006
powerpoint, July 2006 Training Doc Training, July 26, 2006
powerpoint, Dec 2006 NOAA Conf NOAA Conference, December 4, 2006
powerpoint, Jan 2008 AMS presentation AMS Conference Presentation, January 18, 2008
Adobe pdf, Jan 2008 AMS publication AMS Conference Publication, January 2008
powerpoint, Jan 2008 AMS short course AMS P-Surge Overview, January 20, 2008
powerpoint, Aug 2013 NCEP Science Quaterly NCEP Science Quaterly, August 14, 2013