MDL's  SLOSH  Display  Program  Disclaimer
N A T I O N A L    O C E A N I C    A N D    A T M O S P H E R I C    A D M I N I S T R A T I O N

SLOSH Display Program Disclaimer

The SLOSH Display Program was developed for emergency management and the scientific community to aid in decision making at the local, state and federal level. It is not meant for use by the general public in determining whether to evacuate leading up to a storm. Pay attention to your local emergency manager, particularly during an evacuation.

  1. The SLOSH Display program is only one of several tools used by emergency management agencies to determine who is at risk and may be asked to evacuate.  DO NOT disregard the advice of local authorities as the SLOSH Display program is not meant for life or death decision making!

  2. We recommend people have some training.  We have some here and we are developing additional training. The key ideas to learn are:
    • What is storm surge?
    • There is inaccuracy in any model.
    • There is more inaccuracy in the input wind parameters to surge models than in the models themselves.

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