1. Extend the CONUS East Coast basin to cover Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

2. Upgrade Gulf of Mexico basin to cover a gap over FL caused by upgrading the East Coast basin. Also extending it to cover all of the Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

3. Upgrade the winds from 3-hr 0.5 degree to 1-hr Semi-Lagragian 13-km resolution.

4. Have the models use an initial water level condition in each basin based on the average anomaly of the observations in the domain, (instead of using 0).

5. Update the point station lists.

6. Have the models use updated and expanded BUFR tanks for observations thereby enabling the models to produce guidance at more stations with matching observations, primarily on the U.S. East-Coast.

7. Operationalize image production.

8. General Enhancements / Bug fixes.


This is Not an Operational Product

This product is experimental. NWS's Meteorological Development Lab's storm surge unit makes every effort to keep this product available, however we do not have the resources to gaurantee it is as reliable as an operational product.

This is Not a Forecast

This product is generated entirely by computer-run models and is therefore considered "model guidance". A human must use this guidance to make a forecast. Therefore, consult your local NWS forecast offices for official storm surge forecasts and any watches or warnings.

This is Not for Tropical Storms or Hurricanes

During tropical storms, water level guidance on this site does not reflect the official NOAA storm surge forecasts. The model used here predicts storm surge from extra-tropical storms and does not always capture tropical storms well. For tropical storms and hurricanes, please consult your local NWS forecast offices and the National Hurricane Center for official storm surge forecasts and any watches or warnings.


The observations are obtained from Tides and Currents, which provides the following disclaimer.
The raw tide data used here have not been subjected to the National Ocean Service's quality control or quality assurance precedures and do not meet the criteria and standards of official NOS data. They are released for limited public use as preliminary data to be used only with appropriate caution.